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Simply Bridging is an independent Specialist Finance brokerage based in Preston, Lancashire. Whether you require finance for large or small scale developments or need access to finance at short notice we can help. Our expert, Independent advice will make arranging the finance you need simple.

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Make your development a reality

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Short term finance to suit you

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We work for you, not lenders. That means we can give you advice on finance products across the whole of the market.

Award Winning

We are an award winning finance brokerage delivering the highest standards of service.

Unbeatable Choice

With access to finance products on the market from over 50 lenders, we will you the best finance proposition based on your circumstances.

How can Simply Bridging Help?

Simply Bridging assists business owners and working professionals in navigating the financial landscape. You may require financing for a project, a property, or an investment. We have returned banking to its roots. First and foremost, we want to know who you are and what you want to accomplish. Credit ratings are less important to us than balance sheets and the team with which you operate. Then, after we have a complete picture of your objectives, we present you with various financing options, some of which you may not have considered.

We work with more than 50 specialist lenders, including:

Being an independent finance broker means we put the client relationship first, following our core values at all times. We always work hard to find the best financial solutions by getting to know your individual requirements.

Our experience means we can source the best finance deal based on your circumstances ensuring that your needs are always catered for no matter how straightforward or complex they may be.

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding service, keeping you updated through each stage of the process ensuring the journey arranging finance is as straightforward as possible. We can work with you either face to face or over the phone to talk through your requirements and we ensure to deliver the right outcome for you, every time.

We make it simple.


As an independent finance broker, we prioritise the customer relationship while adhering to our fundamental beliefs. We work hard to identify the most outstanding financial solutions for you by getting to know your specific needs.

Because of our experience, we can find the ideal finance solution for you based on your specific circumstances, ensuring that your requirements are met, no matter how simple or complex they may be.

We take pride in offering exceptional service, keeping you informed at every step of the way to make the process of obtaining finance as simple as possible. We may meet with you in person or over the phone to discuss your needs, and we guarantee to produce the best possible result for you every time.

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Contacts – Simply Bridging has access to various leading street banks, investment banks, challenger banks, finance houses, and other financial institutions as an independent financial brokerage. We use our black book of golden contacts to propose your deal to several lenders to get the most acceptable bargain possible. Not only that, but as a competent finance broker, we already know the lending appetite of each lender.

Time – The amount of time it takes to shop around, attend meetings, fill out endless bank forms, and respond to endless lender questions. Simply Bridging will take care of everything, including filling out forms, responding to inquiries, and attending meetings.

Experience — We have extensive experience in financial services, mostly in a lending capacity. This experience provides the knowledge, training, and expertise needed to acquire all of the client’s information “upfront,” eliminate delays and present the offer to lenders in a credit-style structure.

Money – By shopping around and taking the time to speak with many lenders, you can save thousands on interest rates, arrangement fees, and other costs.

Flexibility — Where traditional security is unavailable or the deal does not fit; we will tap lenders for money, allowing the client far more borrowing flexibility.

Bespoke – As a broking expert, we take an individual approach to each situation and guarantee that no assumptions are made due to a generic strategy. Our experience allows us to provide lenders with various scenarios that suit their credit appetite and criteria.